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Société Française de Participation et d’Intermédiation à l’Export

The main purpose of SOFRAPIE is to promote and ensure, under the strict control of the French government, the export of French defense and security equipment.

Besides the new equipment, SOFRAPIE is able to offer military equipment that have become unemployed due to the reduction in the French armed forces.


For these surplus equipment, SOFRAPIE undertakes to transfer to foreign governments purchasers of equipment in good condition of use and still having a potential of many years' employement as well as the ressources for their maintenance.


SOFRAPIE is able to offer to public or private buyers new or second hand civil equipment or demilitarized equipment in excellent condition.

Finally, if the buyers need maintenance and/or overhaul operations on equipment, SOFRAPIE can make them realized by its partners, competent for the type of concerned equipment.

Our values
o Respect of national and international laws and regulations related to trade and exportations of defense and security equipment

o Satisfaction of the procuring government

o Professionalism
o Transparency and rightfulness of the transfer process

o Confidentiality of data processing
o Compliance with provisions on the fight against corruption


66 Avenue des Champs-Élysées

75008 Paris





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